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This Week's Shows - The Chop Shop

The Chop Shop - This Week's Show

  Show Open
  Man In The Box Alice In Chains
  100011 Clutch
  Special Guest Jerry Horton
  Born For Greatness Papa Roach
  Special Guest Jerry Horton
  Everybody Wants Some Van Halen
  Doc Holiday Volbeat
  News & Updates
  Put Your Lights On Santana (w/Everlast)
  Go To War Nothing More
  Return To The Chop Shop
  Way Cool Jr Ratt
  Serotonia Highly Suspect
  Chop Shop's 6 Degrees Of Deep Purple
  Hey Man Nice Shot Filter
  You Really Got Me Metallica (w/Ray Davies)
  Return To The Chop Shop
  Whatever Godsmack
  Black Honey Thrice
  Chop Shop Hall Of Fame Salute
  La Grange ZZ Top
  Run Run Rudolph Billy Gibbons, Lemmy & Dave Grohl
  Chop Shop Unplugged
  Odd One (Acoustic) Sick Puppies
  American Woman Lenny Kravitz
  Waking Lions Pop Evil
  Return To The Chop Shop

Hail To The King

Avenged Sevenfold
  Ain't Coming Home Silvertide
  Special Guests Chris Caffery & Joel Hoekstra
  Christmas Eve (Sarajevo 12/24) Trans-Siberian Orchestra
  All I Am Cimino
  Chop Shop's Top 50 List (Electric Guitars)
  #22 - Now You're Gone Whitesnake