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Bio - Steve Black

I grew up in Flushing Township, Michigan between Flint and Saginaw. I have been on the air for over 20 years, almost all of that in Detroit at legendary stations including Z-Rock, The Bear, The Ted Nugent Morning Show and WRIF, where I'm still on the today.

I have always done specialty shows, from "Studio Z" to the very popular "Listening Room", to "Ultimate Albums". I've always made an attempt to show radio listeners that there is much more to the craft of making music that meets most of their ears.

All of my past shows and radio experience have led me to launching The Chop Shop in 2004. The Chop Shop and Chop Shop Classic are guitar shows for all rock & roll fans. It's not just about the fastest players, or the heaviest, or the most technical, but rather a celebration of all those who have chosen a life centered around the instrument.

In 2010 I launched Classic Rock Live with Pierre Robert (WMMR). A live "concert" show made for the way listeners use music and radio today. CRL is a two hour show that features all live recordings of the biggest songs from the biggest bands in rock history.

I have an exceptional wife named Gina and 2 step kids that I love dearly. And the home life wouldn't be complete without the 2 dogs and a cat.



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